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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Although I have not reached 100 followers and it is unlikely that I will by tomorrow....I will still have a give away for those of you that are following me.  i will do the give away on Friday.  I promise to be generous because you guys are really great. 

When I reach 50 followers I will do another and then at 75 and a grand one at the challenge is not over ladies.....I do need your help... at the 100 follower mark I will give a way a LOVE STRUCK 2010 CRICUT CARTRIDGE.  So, round up your friends, spread the word an let's get rolling...


  1. I will pass the word about you and you blog even thou I wanted to win.:) hehe

  2. you are too sweet....thank you...there will be several other give aways - I just saw that I have my first blog award!!! That calls for a give away in my book.